GolfCraft: selfie with friends


Lenny Points Total Pool: 70pts.

Community Cash Total Pool: 900pts.

Up to 5 winners.

Go to GolfCraft, take a picture and upload it!


Lenny Points Total Pool: 130pts.

Community Cash Total Pool: 2750pts.

Up to 15 winners.


What is Unversed Earn?​

Unversed Earn is a free web3 platform where selected communities can make quests and users complete them in exchange for NFT such as Decentraland wearables. Communities earn interaction and users prizes.

Choose a quest and complete the form, once the quest has ended, the creator of the quest will choose the winners. If you are one of the winners, you will receive Lenny Points / Community Cash which you can exchange for NFTs.

Communities / creators provide NFTs that we add to our marketplace. In return, we give them Community Cash so they can create quests.

Lenny Points are created on Unversed Earn quests and are more limited.

No. You connect to this website using your email or Google account. When you claim your NFT, you just have to paste your public address where your NFT will be sent inmediately.

As of today, we are only accepting Polygon NFTs ERC-721/ERC-1155 from verified collections of OpenSea (mostly Decentraland wearables). We will be expanding to other networks and standards at some point in the future. If you want to collaborate, please send us a message to our Discord server.

For the moment, we are only accepting communities manually. Please send us a message on our Discord server if you want to work with us.

Please note that Unversed Earn is currently in beta. While we diligently work to ensure a stable experience, unforeseen issues may arise. Be advised that at NO POINT will you be required to connect a digital wallet, such as MetaMask, to participate in Unversed Earn. We cannot be held responsible for any potential loss of points or prizes during the beta phase…